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Mary Kay At Play™– Streetcom ambassadors are doing makeup online and in the real life

Mary Kay® Company decided to expand the number of clients through referral marketing activities. They charged the Streetcom agency the task to support the latest line of Mary Kay At Play™ makeup cosmetics. Read more


74% of parents believe that 6-year-olds should not be deprived of their childhood

According to the results of the latest Streetcom Poland nationwide survey ordered by website, 74% of parents object to compulsory education for 6-year-old children. The changes also have their supporters. 20% of parents believe that 6-year-old children should start their school education; 6% of the respondents have no opinion. Read more


Blogger motivated by… readers

The Streetcom Poland agency carried our in June a nationwide survey among bloggers. The main aim was to know the motivation to write a blog and the habits of bloggers. As it appeared, for 90% of the respondents their blog is an important, joyful element of the daily life. Why do they write? Bloggers are most motivated to post more entries by their readers’ reactions. Read more


Streetcom Experts behind the wheel of Dacia Sandero Stepaway

Dacia and Streetcom started a cooperation in which Dacia referral campaign is launched promoting the brand image through a direct acquaintance with one of its models – Dacia Sandero Stepway. Selected from the Streetcom community an exclusive group of ambassadors is going to start to test the car and will share their opinions with the importer. Read more


Do mums make gifts for themselves? 90% of them say: YES

26 May is probably the day of the year when we can see in the streets the most people with bunches of flowers in their hands. Mothers receive thanks, wishes and presents from their kids, regardless of their age. But what do mums buy for themselves during the year? What products do they preferably choose to give themselves pleasure and please themselves? Read more


Everybody can be an expert in the field of… recommendation

An interview with Matylda Szymalska, Chairman of the Board of Streetcom, for the magazine Gaga. What is about the phenomenon or rather a tool called referral marketing? Is Streetcom the only company in Poland engaged in this field of activity? Read more


A quarter of a million Experts of Streetcom Poland

The community of consumers registered in Streetcom Poland has reached a quarter of a million people! They recommend tested products and services, recommending them to their friends. They are exceptionally active and sociable, both online and in the real world. Over 70% of them are women, among which a very committed group are mothers. Read more


Does recommendation have a sex? And is it a woman

Is the tendency to share opinions about products in fact more female or male quality? How can women’s natural inclination to talk, establish relationships and share opinions be reflected in the effectiveness of referral marketing? Can it be said that recommendation has a sex? We claim so. And surely – it is a woman. Read more