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I’m an Expert because it allows me to feel myself a part of a big community and do something good for the others. I help to choose the best things, products and services which can get to my relatives. Being an Expert gives me satisfaction because people with extensive experience work on my opinions. I’m an Expert because an Expert is an important link joining companies of different type with the people who derive from their activities and products.

I’m an Expert because I’m picky. I’m not easily satisfied and I always recommend to others what’s good. I think I have a good taste and my choices are right. I can see it by looking at my friends, who are very happy of my suggestions. I’m glad that I can recommend them things and they know they can count on me. What’s more, I like being up to date, especially when new products appear on the market. Being an Expert is just something for me! :)

I’m an Expert because I know what I want. I’m proud that I belong to the team, because I can know new things and test them. Those which meet my requirements I recommend to my family, friends and relatives because why shouldn’t they use something good? I like sharing good things so I do it  :):):) :):):)

I’m an Expert because it made me for my friends an information centre about novelties on the market. I’m happy when I can recommend new cosmetics to my friends and they are happy with the samples. I feel favoured by the opportunity to test new products first and that my opinions are important for the producers.

I’m an Expert because it’s the only way I can have an influence on products I use every day and which are directed both to me and my friends. The only products made to meet the needs of a real consumer and their opinions, not a general group of people selected from the statistics, which is largely untrue.

I’m an Expert because I’m interested in new market products very much; I always test them, try new flavours and fragrances or I test a new given product and if I like something new, I recommend it to others to try it, too. I’m proud of being a Streetcom Expert :)

I’m a fan of new things, things that are good, recommended and tested. I don’t believe colourful commercials; I prefer to hear from people I trust that something is OK!

I’m very interested in new products on the market, I always test them, try flavours and scents, and if I like them, I tell the others to try, too. I’m proud of being a Streetcom Expert :)

I like seeing my surprised friends when I’m telling them about novelties on the market. I’m usually the first to know about them :)